College of Social Sciences

 Students at the College of Social Sciences are encouraged to take an interdisciplinary view of social sciences, while also focusing more deeply on their particular field of interest after selecting their major in the third and fourth year, either in sociology, law, political science, or economics. In other Japanese universities, these fields are taught in separate departments, such as the law department (law and political science course), the economics department, or the sociology department (or the literature department’s sociology course). At the College of Social Sciences, students can and are required to take courses in other majors, which is the equivalent of different departments at other universities.
 We are apt to become too narrow in our research if we search deep, and too shallow if we seek widely. It is not an easy task to look into one’s own field of major deeply, while at the same time studying widely in other fields. However, this is exactly what is needed to understand the complicated problems that our society faces today, and the challenge should make it the more exciting.
 Students participate in small-scale seminars in their field of major from the second year. This provides an opportunity to take part in active discussions with fellow students and develop a deeper understanding of their own research.
 In addition, the qualification of a teacher can be obtained by acquiring the designated “teaching profession courses”. The main license (course) that can be obtained in the College of Social Sciences is the type-1 high school teaching license for civics. Furthermore, we conduct factory tours and facility tours so that students can experience practical learning, and give lectures on court practice in a mock courtroom for the joint judge-jury system, which is rare in Japan.

Graduate schools related to the College of Social Sciences

 There are many graduate schools related to the College of Social Sciences at the University of Tsukuba, and the number of students going on to graduate schools are increasing. The Degree Programs in Humanities and Social Sciences (Master’s Program in International Public Policy, Master’s Program in International and Advanced Japanese Studies, etc.) is the one most closely related to the College of Social Sciences, as well as the Degree Programs in Life and Earth Sciences, Degree Programs in Comprehensive Human Sciences, Degree Programs in Systems and Information Engineering, Degree Programs in Business Sciences, etc. In the field of law, the Law School for working adults is set up in Otsuka, Tokyo. After finishing graduate courses offered by Tsukuba or other universities and law schools, students can further their research in specific fields by proceeding to positions at universities, private and public research centers, the Law Association, think tanks and media institutions. Many graduates are actively contributing in these areas today.

College of Social Sciences of Tsukuba